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We are aerial drone experts serving Lebanon County and surrounding areas.


Drone photography, videography, mapping, and inspections​

Pa Drone Pro is a niche business driven by its customers and a true passion for the work we produce.  Our core values center around providing our clients with high quality finished products which are a direct reflection of the vision and the goals our clients want to achieve.  We accomplish this by means of utilizing new cutting edge technologies in media, by resourcing education, training and experience, and by establishing a real business relationship which benefits all those who are involved. 

Our pilots are trained & certified under FAA part 107.

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We are networked to an industry community, which focuses on continued education and training for UAV pilots.  This enables each pilot to be compliant with the latest industry regulations and helps to better mitigate risks associated with drones.  All media content produced is matched with the highest quality output available to produce a professional-grade product.    ​

Aerial Photography & Video

Increase your success selling your products & services by utilizing our aerial photography & video services.

Aerial Mapping

Utilize our professional aerial mapping services to render a 2D Orthomosaic or 3D model of your jobsite.

Aerial Inspection

Save time, money & reduce risk by booking our drone inspection service.

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PA Drone Pro offers the highest quality services backed by well-trained operators who have performed over a thousand successful flight hours. We capture what others can't.

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